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We will be consistent in our message and mission: We will provide insurance solutions in the same manner we do for our own families and companies. Circle Insurance Agency's "DNA" is represented by a group of entrepreneurs that believe we should provide risk management solutions, not just sell policies.

As entrepreneurs, our founders saw a need for an entrepreneur's approach to the insurance agency business with an advocacy relationship at the core of what we do every day.

Business Insurance

The strength of an independent agency is represented by the various companies they represent. Having a wide array of companies and brokerage companies to utilize for our client's needs provides Circle with plenty of options to meet any insurance need our clients have. From traditional insurance, captive insurance company options, safety programs and Exit Planning for business owners, Circle Insurance has every tool to develop and manage your risk management program.

Personal Coverages

Your family is represented by the personal coverages you select and it is our job to walk you through the myriad of combinations that most represent your needs and philosophy of self-insurance, deductibles and coverage selections. In today's marketplace, there are many credits available and we work to maximize those credits and coverage while minimizing your risk.

Employee Benefits

With the ACA weighing heavy on the bottom line of every business owner's income statement, there are options we bring to the forefront where creativity is more needed now than ever before. From PEO’s, Partially Self Funded Plans, ERISA Non-Subscriber Plans, group disability and Aflac supplemental benefits—we help you recruit, retain and reward your employees.

Exit Planning

Sooner or later, every business owner leaves their business-either voluntary or otherwise. Exit Planning is a 7 step process to identify the best method to convert your ownership to cash based on when you want to exit, to whom you want to sell and how much you need to sell for. Proactive Exit Planning is designed to maximize your income and minimize your risk in selling or transferring your business to your successors.

Life Insurance

Again, the ability to represent every major life insurance company provides unparalleled flexibility to find the best option for key person insurance, buy-sell funding, deferred compensation and estate planning insurance.

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